Cult Of The Lamb – Review

Have you ever wanted to start a cult? Well, in ‘Cult of the Lamb’ you get to do just that! From Developers, Massive Monster, and publishers Devolver Digital, Cult of the Lamb is the single-player, action-adventure cult simulator you have been waiting for. Destroy your enemies, sacrifice your worshippers or


SokoChess – Review

Calling all chess players, do you copy? This game might be for you if you’re into a minimalistic puzzle chess game! ‘SokoChess’ is a minimalistic puzzle game that combines Chess with the Sokoban Block pushing formula. The goal of each level is to move the opposing chess piece into a


Squad (Update 3.0) – Review

‘Squad’ has been around for some time now, and with the release of update 3.0 comes new maps and a new faction introducing Marine forces. The most significant addition is the new amphibious gameplay offering aquatic assault vehicles such as the MTLB APC and the RHIB watercraft. In this latest

Cult Of The Lamb – Preview

Devolver Digital has come out swinging with another gem of an indie game in the form of Cult of the Lamb. At first glance, this game does admittedly look a tad confusing, as it showcases a mix of elements and styles from other previously released gaming titles, e.g. city building,


Out There: Oceans Of Time – Review

Developed by Mi-Clos Studio, Out There: Oceans of Time is the successor to the award-winning Out There, and it brings you a roguelike space adventure with resource management and interactive fiction. Explore a vast galaxy that is different every time you play. You immerse yourself in the adventure of playing


Mini Motorways – Review

Mini Motorways is the second game created by Dinosaur Polo Club, a New Zealand-based studio working out of Wellington, and their first title Mini Metro was well-received by indie lovers. In Mini Motorways, you will build a road network and have the city booming with traffic. As you build your


Peppy’s Adventure – Review

‘Peppy’s Adventure’ is a new, tile puzzle-based game created and published by Pepite Studios where you control Peppy, a bunny that set out to rescue its family from the evil foxes. The game is a puzzle game where you need to think out your moves ahead of time as there


Godlike Burger – Review

Have you ever wanted to be the best chef in the world but also serial kill people at the same time.. Yes? Well, this is the game for you. This game, developed by Liquid Pug is equally about building up the reputation of your restaurant but also killing as many


Ragnorium – Review

It’s the end of times. Humankind is all but dissipated. With the lack of resources and ability to repopulate, someone has to play God. That person is you. Ragnorium is a brand new planet recolonization simulator, where the player commands clones to do thou bidding and attempt to repopulate the


Teardown – Review

Developed by Tuxedo Labs, Teardown is a beautifully designed and polished game where everything has been created to be destroyed. Teardown is based in a township with you running the family business, Lockelle Teardown Services, and it’s a game in which you can make the desired paths into buildings by


Winter Ember – Review

When I think of a good old fashion stealth game, I think of a hooded figure with a blade as sharp as his skill set. Throw them into a Victorian-esque world with a classic revenge tale with nothing left to lose and you will have painted the picture for Sky

Hello Neighbor 2 [BETA] – Preview

Set for release on the 6th of December and created by Eerie Guest Studios and Published by tinyBuild, Hello Neighbor 2 is a stealth survival game that has you breaking into a house to find keys and items to help progress. You play as a media reporter trying to discover


Crusader Kings III [Xbox Series X] – Review

Crusader Kings III, Developed by Paradox Development Studio, brings the beloved role-playing strategy game to console. Battle through the ages, conquer Kingdoms, rule the land, and create a legacy to be remembered through time. Do you have what it takes to be King? Choose a noble family from a number


Triangle Strategy (Nintendo Switch) – Review

When it comes to tactical role-playing games, Tomoya Asano has a certain affinity for creating deep and meaningful worlds. Triangle Strategy is the brand new game by ‘Artdink’ that was produced by the highly coveted ‘Square Enix,’ and is a wonderful pairing of talents and insights. Releasing exclusively on the


Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires – Review

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires is the latest instalment to the long-running Dynasty Warriors series. Created by Omega Force and published by Koei Tecmo, it is a hack-and-slash game with side elements of battlefield strategy and political choices to form a stronger foothold in lands owned. Players will have a set


Total War: Warhammer 3 – Review

Daemons are invading your lands, capturing settlements, outposts and forts. They plan on pushing your people back and killing your god to please their masters. Do you turn tail and run or stand your ground, build your armies and meet them head-on in the battlefields? Total War: Warhammer 3 is

Winter Ember – Preview

‘Winter Ember’ is an upcoming stealth-based, action game developed by Sky Machine Studios and published by Blowfish Studios. It will be available on Steam, PS4 & 5, Xbox One, Series S|X and Nintendo Switch and along with the game, there is also a graphic novel that is available now. The


Expeditions: Rome – Review

If you were to live in ancient Rome, would you try to take power through emotional manipulation or brute force? Expeditions: Rome is the latest installment in the Expeditions franchise and follows the two previous releases Vikings, and Conquistadors, and talk about a glow-up! Developers Logic Arts have been hard


Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice – Review

Venture into the Edo period of Japan in Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Aiko’s Choice, a standalone addon to Shadow tactics. Developed by Mimimi Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment, Aiko’s Choice is due to release on the 7th December on PC. Travel deep into the Edo period


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