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Sail Forth (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Published by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and developed by Festive Vector, Sail Forth is a nautical adventure game, where players can raise their sails to explore the open seas, upgrade their ships, recruit new crew members and engage in naval battles. This unique indie game is now available on PC,


Just Dance 2023 Edition – Review

Being able to play a game and get in some exercise is something we rarely do simultaneously, with the exception of Just Dance 2023 on Nintendo Switch, the next title in Ubisoft’s long-running series. Existing fans and new dancers are invited to join the party that keeps the classic formula


Retro Goal (Nintendo Switch) – Review

It’s the 2022 Football/Soccer WorldCup, and together with New Star Games, FiveAces Publishing has graced us with Retro Goal, originally released in June 2021 for mobile devices. After its success in the mobile market, they have ported it over to the handheld gaming device we all know as the Nintendo


Pokémon Violet – Review

It’s Christmas for Pokémon fans all over. This year we have had not one, but two Pokémon game releases. This is unheard of. Usually, one generation is released, and then in 1-3 years, a new one will come out, but not in 2022, baby! 10 months after Pokémon Legends Arceus


Smurfs Kart (Nintendo Switch) – Review

The Smurfs have stopped walking around Smurf Village and started putting their foot down in go-karts, all thanks to the latest title from Eden Games, Smurfs Kart. Smurf Kart was developed by Eden Games and published by Microids, and it’s currently only available on the Nintendo Switch, but they’re looking


Harvestella (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Eat up to beat up is the essence of the new Nintendo Switch title, Harvestella, from veteran JRPG publisher, Square Enix. The fusion of action RPG and the farm sim trend seems like a promising concept, but there’s definitely room to grow, as was my experience with Harvestella. Your character


Bayonetta 3 – Review

Bayonetta is an icon and seductress amongst both men and women gamers. A symbol that power can be beauty; a beauty that doesn’t need a male companion to lead the narrative. ‘Bayonetta 3,’ by PlatinumGames, is the third illustrious addition to the cult classic and muchly loved Bayonetta franchise. This


Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope – Review

Created and published by Ubisoft, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is an action-adventure turned-based combat game, picking back up from where Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle left off. A giant space monster has now descended upon the Mushroom Kingdom, leaving an ooze on the land that corrupts the area.


No Man’s Sky (Nintendo Switch) – Review

After a long trek of around 6 years, No Man’s Sky has arrived on Nintendo Switch. Hello Games’ ever-expanding space exploration survival game welcomes a Switch port of the title in line with the release of the Waypoint (4.0) update. The update follows an expanse of ongoing improvements since its


Dropsy – Review

Dropsy is a demented but oddly endearing point-and-click adventure developed by A Jolly Corpse, and of course, published by the connoisseurs of weird, Devolver Digital. This seemingly twisted and grotesque game will take you on a journey of tragedy, loss, and love, and is the epitome of the statement “Don’t


Session: Skate Sim – Review

The wait is finally over. Session: Skate Sim has released its full version, with new features added, some removed, and DLC and future updates to come. Is this the game/sim you are looking for in your future virtual skate endeavors? Let’s find out. Developed by crea-ture Studios Inc., Session: Skate

Beacon Pines – Preview

Beacon Pines is a cute adventure game developed by Hiding Spot and published by Fellow Traveller, sitting under the ‘Visual Novel’ genre. We start the game by opening a book and that is where our story and the true journey begin, and we are introduced to Luka, a young lad


Splatoon 3 – Review

  In 2015, Nintendo’s brand new IP, Splatoon, was released on Wii U and became an instant classic, with its unique take on an online multiplayer shooter with easy-to-learn controls and game mechanics. The sequel, Splatoon 2 on Switch, improved on everything of its predecessor with even more ink splatting


ANNO: Mutationem – Review

Published by Lightning Games and developed by ThinkingStars, ANNO: Mutationem is a cyberpunk-themed, action adventure RPG game that mixes 2D characters sprites with 3D environments. Already released on PlayStation 4|5 and PC earlier this year and receiving very positive feedback from players and critics, this action-packed, 2D side-scroller is now


Path Of Titans (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Dinosaurs have been in plenty of games before, from Tomb Raider, Turok, Ark, and Second Extinction. All these games, however, have you killing these magnificent beasts. Path of Titans breaks the mold and puts you behind the wheel of the dino itself. This MMO Survival game, Developed and Published by


Sofiya And The Ancient Clan – Review

Traditional platforming side-scrollers have helped make up the foundation of gaming with over 40 years’ worth of entertainment. Growing up, the greatest adventures often came from games that had me bounding from one platform to another while racing the clock or meticulously avoiding enemies. Eastasiasoft and H-Room have tapped into


Cult Of The Lamb – Review

Have you ever wanted to start a cult? Well, in ‘Cult of the Lamb’ you get to do just that! From Developers, Massive Monster, and publishers Devolver Digital, Cult of the Lamb is the single-player, action-adventure cult simulator you have been waiting for. Destroy your enemies, sacrifice your worshippers or


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Review

If ever a games developer had a name to describe their games so thoroughly, Monolith Soft has this in spades with its latest monolith of a game. Xenoblade Chronicles 3, announced at the start of 2022, has dropped just a few short months later, and it is arguably the most


Live A Live – Review

I would bet that every gamer has at least one blind spot in terms of influential games that they have either missed or just never got around to playing. Maybe, it’s several games you missed, multiple protagonists that you never got a chance to connect with. In the case of


LOUD (Nintendo Switch) – Review

‘LOUD’ is a new rhythm-based game created by HyperStange, and published by QubicGames. LOUD will have you hitting riffs as you play along to the custom soundtracks created for the game. Players will take on the role of a teenage girl, Astrid, as she is in her room rocking out


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